1. Introduction

When I use the computer to record video tutorials, I will show the PPT slides to the audience, and also have some cue words for myself to read. This is similar to the teleprompter used on many TV shows.


In the PC environment, PowerPoint also has the teleprompter…

This article introduces a way to bind JSON request data submitted by Axios or other front-ends in ASP.NET Core to the plain parameters of the Action method, and explains how it works.

1. Reading data from a JSON request is cumbersome

In ASP.NET Core MVC/ ASP.NET Core WebAPI(abbreviated as ASP.NET…

This article introduces a way to use the database as the configuration central server on .NET, and describes a customized ConfigurationProvider, and explains the principle of its implementation.

1. Why use database as configuration center

When developing Youzack.com, a website for English learning, I needed to save configuration information such…

Abstract:This article introduces a method of using OpenCVSharp to “extract the portrait and replace the background” for the green screen video in the camera in real time, and analyzes the algorithm in the project. This article presents a method to simplify the release of managed resources such as Mat and…

This article describes a library that enable Entity Framework Core 5 users to batch update and delete data within a single roundtrip without pre-loading data, shows its principle, and compares it with other approaches.

Ⅰ. Background

With Microsoft fully embracing open source, the.NET open source community has been booming, and many excellent…

Recently, I was working on the memorization module for youzack and had some problems with the external logins.The website provides QQ login, Microsoft account and other ways, in the development environment, there is no problem, but when deployed to the production environment, these external login functions work abnormal. QQ login…

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